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We base our decision on your circumstances, not your credit score

We specialise in providing finance for customers in a DMP or IVA

Those who are self-employed or ex-bankrupt can still apply

Premium Plan can help your business

As a result of automated scorecards, increasing numbers of people find themselves falling outside of conventional lending criteria of non-conforming lenders. These people are then left struggling to get affordable finance. Here at Premium Plan we are committed to treating each customer as an individual.

We believe, by working closely with our introducers that we make the right lending decisions for the customer, not only funding the individual but considering the asset as an important part of the process.

Our Heritage

Premium Plan is a part of the Totemic Group and has strong knowledge and a breadth of experience in the subprime market.

With over 20 years’ experience in the financial industry and helping customers with a range of financial solutions we are in a great position to help your business.

Customer Centric

We take the time to understand your customer’s situation and treat every one as an individual.

We make informed decisions on the best option available, delivering the best possible outcome for the customer.

Representative 29.9% APR

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