Supermarket savings cards

November 3, 2015 - 4 minutes read

Spreading the cost of Christmas with a supermarket savings card is the easy way to get the most from your money.  We’ve compiled a list of the offers available to you today.


With the Asda Christmas Savings Card you can save up to £144 on it and earn up to a £6 bonus.  You can get as many Christmas Savings Cards as you like in-store at any Asda.  You can then register them online at  We recommend registering the cards as they can then be cancelled if you lose them, ensuring you don’t lose your money.  The Christmas Savings Card makes budgeting for Christmas easier because you can add money to the card online or at the checkout when doing your weekly shop, whatever time of the year.  Once you have saved certain amounts you will be eligible for the following bonuses:

  • Saving up to £49 means a bonus of £1
  • Saving up to £97 means a bonus of £3
  • Saving up to £144 means a bonus of £6

If you would be putting a little away each week or month anyway it makes sense to earn yourself a little extra as you go.  The Christmas Savings Cards can be used to buy anything in-store from groceries to clothes and home entertainment.


You can collect saving stamps at Morrisons throughout the year to use for Christmas.  Just pop into your local Morrisons to pick up the card and stamps from the till, the card has no expiry date but you must spend your points in November or December to bag the bonus, as below:

  • £49 means a bonus of £1
  • £97 means a bonus of £3


As part of the Tesco Clubcard you can now opt to become a Christmas Saver to save your vouchers throughout the year and receive them in time for Christmas.  Shop in-store or online as usual to collect your Clubcard points although you can also top up your savings with your own money at the checkout or Customer Service Desk, from 50p to £360.  Top up throughout the year and receive:

  • £25 top up means a bonus of £1.50
  • £50 top up means a bonus of £3
  • £100 top up means a bonus of £6
  • £200 top up means a bonus of £12

Just log into your Clubcard account and opt in via ‘Options & Benefits’ in the ‘My Account Details’ section to start saving.

The Co-operative

At The Co-operative you can collect saving stamps throughout the year to save for Christmas.  Simply pick up a savings stamp book next time you are in-store and buy £1 saving stamps when you shop.  There’s no limit to how many you can buy during the year.  Throughout December, The Co-operative will pay out £50 for every £48 saved, giving an extra £2 for free.  The Co-operative are not responsible for lost books so keep your savings stamp book safe!


Iceland have a Bonus Card Savings Scheme which is available in all participating Iceland stores.  Once you have registered you will receive a welcome pack in the post which contains a welcome offer.  Thereafter you can add money either in-store or online to your Bonus Card Saving Scheme each time you shop.  The maximum amount of Savings allowed on your Bonus Card is £1,000 and you will receive a bonus of £1 for every £25 collected.  You can then spend your Savings on your in-store or online shop whenever you want, for full or partial payment.